Hyundai Santa Fe 2018 Aftermarket Touch Screen Car Stereo

Hyundai Santa Fe 2018 Aftermarket Touch Screen Car Stereo

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Модель: IDVR-9180
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Описание товара Hyundai Santa Fe 2018 Aftermarket Touch Screen Car Stereo

This unit for the Hyundai Santa Fe 2018 aftermarket car stereo has 9-inch TFT touch screen, Radio, USB, Wifi/34G, support a backup camera as well Glonass/GPS System, etc. ASTRAL is a china aftermarket car stereo manufacturer/exporter/wholesale. and we are always trying our best to supply innovative and unique products to meet customers’ various demands.

The standard of user experience that ASTRAL’s car touchscreen are extraordinarily high.

– responsive, fast, and sensitive to the lightest touch
– colorful, bright and attractive to look at
– intuitive – the functions, button presses, such as swiping, zooming, scrolling and rotating, can all be implemented with simple and obvious touches and gestures


GPS and GLONASS Navigation

Our aftermarket touch screen stereo built-in Navigation, support GPS + Glonass Dual satellites. When GLONASS and GPS used together certainly increases accuracy with coverage. And it is more useful in northern latitudes as Russia started GLONASS originally for Russia.


Efficient Heat Dissipation

the device with its efficient heat dissipation will keep running in a stable manner and still allow smooth operation even if your car’s temp reaches up to 70℃


Quick Detail

. Compatible Vehicles: Hyundai Santa Fe 2018
. 9-inch touchscreen is sleek appearance and high definition display
. Model: AST-9180
. Android 6.0/7.1/8.1 O.S
. Quad Core/Octa Core 1.6GHz CPU, the smoothest user experience ever experienced
. DDR3 1G/2G,16GB / 32GB Internal Memory
. Boot up Time: 2s
. Placement: Dashboard
. Enclosure Type: 2 DIN
. Support internet APP download, install, uninstall
. Support 3D Games,HD Video,1080P,H.264, DIVX Live images formats
. Supporting USB function, The unit can play audio and video
. Support: TV / OBD II / TPMS / DVR / Mirror Link
. Car Headrest/Monitor: Support
. Support Video out / Audio out
. Steering Wheel Control: Support
. GPS/Glonass Function: Support
. Support 4G/wifi/BT/3g modem
. APP: Support most Android apps
. Boot up logo: Support to customize boot up logo
. Brightness Adjustment: Support.
. Screen material: A grade, high quality
. Support Dual Zone function, while Navigating you can listen to music.
. Accurate navigation, support TOMTOM, IGO8, ROUTE66, NAVITEL Waze etc.
. Built-in Radio Tuner(Support RDS Radio DATA System )
. Camera: Support(automatically switch to rear camera when reversing the car.)
. Canbus: According to car model and version detail
. Support Bluetooth, wireless transmission, Can be connected with the phone and answer the phone call.
. Thickened Aluminum Heat Sink: Specially designed for efficient heat dissipation.
. Online Entertainment,support online video,TV,movie,music,radio,YouTube…
. Online Communication, Keep connected through Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Gmail and other services. Support read and edit Office Software
. languages: English, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese(both), Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese etc..More menu languages can be customized.


Where To Buy Aftermarket Touch Screen Car Stereo?

Till now our products have been exported to more than 25 countries and regions in the world, such as United States, Thailand, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.etc. If you’re looking to add a new aftermarket car stereo system to your ride o that enrich your In-car multimedia, you can get help from our dealers, wholesalers, distributors.
In addition, If you want to get one-stop solution for enhancing your business. We are the well-known car integrated navigation system manufacturer, specialty, service, efficient, is our commitment.


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